Source code for all of our built systems is available online, under a BSD-style license. In addition, we provide full re-implementations of most of the related systems; this facilitates performance comparisons.

Implemented systems

We maintain a github repository with our latest released code. For experimenting or building on our work, we suggest using this release. We also maintain a slightly simplified (but still feature-rich) codebase, Pequin. If you want to get started quickly, Pequin is a good choice.

We also provide snapshots of our systems at the time of publication, useful for reproducing our results:

Our systems rely on a number of third-party packages. We provide an archive of versions of these packages that are known to work with our system.

Re-implementations of related systems
  • CMT (included with Allspice and in our latest development branch)
  • Pinocchio (included with Pantry, Pantry-enhanced, Buffet, and our latest development branch)
  • TinyRAM (link; also included with Buffet and as a git submodule in our latest development branch)

HOWTOs are included with all of the source code.

Please contact srinath at cs dot utexas dot edu for questions, updates, and bug fixes.